If you want to translate or remix my work in any way, you are free to do so, as long as you comply with the terms of the license. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or are working on a translation. I will gladly link to it in the original article.

How to go about doing translations:

  1. Read the license
  2. Choose what you want to translate
  3. Translate it
  4. Mention and link to the CC BY-SA 4.0 license in your work
  5. Host your translation somewhere1
  6. Notify me

Find a list of translations below. If a translation is missing please let me know.

Book: 21 Lessons [en]

Magic Internet Money [en]

Moving Towards a Bitcoin Standard [en]

Implications of Outlawing Bitcoin [en]

Bitcoin Is An Idea [en]

The Responsibility of Adopting Bitcoin [en]

Bitcoin Privacy: Best Practices [en]

Bitcoin Is Time [en]

What Is 21ism? [en]

True Names Not Required [en]

The Bitcoin Journey [en]

Dear Family, Dear Friends [en]

Dear Bitcoiners [en]

Bitcoin’s Eternal Struggle [en]

Bitcoin Boots on the Ground: Venezuela [en]

How to Kill Bitcoin [en]

The Rise of the Sovereign Individual [en]

Proof of Life [en]

The World is Waking Up to Bitcoin [en]

Bitcoin’s Gravity [en]

Technological Teachings of Bitcoin [en]

Economic Teachings of Bitcoin [en]

Philosophical Teachings of Bitcoin [en]

The Magic Dust of Cryptography [en]

Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption [en]

Translations wanted!

The following articles haven’t been translated yet:

Translators are the shadow heroes of literature, the often forgotten instruments that make it possible for different cultures to talk to one another, who have enabled us to understand that we all, from every part of the world, live in one world.

Paul Auster

  1. You can use Medium, or Ghost, or Wordpress, or Blogger, or Jekyll, or, or, or one of the thousands of publishing solutions that surely exist. You can also just host a txt file on your web server or something.