Der Who?

I am currently working on my new book, so I will be harder to reach than usual.

(Twitter DMs are terrible & now closed. Please use matrix if you can.)

If you want to reach me, matrix1 is probably your best bet. You can also try the email above, or twitter, or Telegram. That being said, Twitter is absolutely terrible when it comes to DMs, and I recently had to close my DMs because the spam became unbearable. Telegram is alright but it is neither private nor trustworthy, so, again, matrix is probably your best bet.2

I will do my best to reply in 3-5 days. If I don’t please ping me again. Note that I will probably not respond if I can’t make out what you’re up to. A simple “hi” or “hey” without any context will be ignored. Also, I’m not interested in trading or shitcoinery, so anything along these lines will be deleted without an answer.

About Me

I’m Gigi. Nice to meet you.

I don’t know how you ended up here. Maybe you have read some of the things I wrote. Maybe you have seen some of my photography and googled the watermark. Maybe we know each other from meatspace and you decided to check up on me in cyberspace. It’s hard to tell, really.

So, what about me? I am interested in all kinds of things, but what I’m most passionate about is the intersection of technology and society. Which is why the internet, and its recent brain-child bitcoin, are very dear to me.

Where things are going is always hard to tell, but I aim to be part of the conversations and help to create a piece of the puzzle which hopefully results in a better future. I believe that freedom and a move away from centralized control are paramount for empowering individuals and building a future worth having.

If you want to talk about these things, feel free to reach out to me. Or just follow along for the ride. That’s perfectly fine too.

Hope to see you around,

  • /blog: random thoughts and photographs
  • /twitter: mostly shitposts
  • /threads: archived twitter threads
  • /patreon: close and personal chats, early drafts of my work

Canary ️ 🐦 🔫

  1. I’m on matrix. 

  2. I’m also on nostr as 6b0d4c8d9dc59e110d380b0429a02891f1341a0fa2ba1b1cf83a3db4d47e3964 but it’s very early days, so don’t expect (a) nostr to work and (b) me to check my DMs there all too often. 


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