Value for Value

Time, Talent, and Treasure

If you find my work valuable, consider giving value back as you see fit. All my work is released for free under an open license and provided on a value for value basis.

Time, Talent, Treasure

While treasure in the form of sats is very welcome, time and talent is very much appreciated too! If you can’t part with your hard-earned sats, there are other ways to support me. You can remix or translate my work, create an audio or video version, or simply take some time to send it to a friend. You can also take some time to review my book, which helps to feed the algorithmic gods of our present reality.

For my long-form thoughts on value-for-value see the following:

TL;DR Give as much as you think it’s worth. Thank you. 🙏🧡

Bitcoin is Love


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Consider sharing it, translating it, or remixing it in another way.