A Harsh Truth

We tried to warn you...

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“We are all in this together,” they say.

Thanks for proving my point.

Maximalists shouldn’t be dunking on DeFi sanctions. My point: yeah the BTC devs too can be just as easily arrested. Maximalists: attack attack, he said facts we don’t like. Me: 🙄

Mr. Whale Street, a random shitcoiner

Me: 🙄

I think you probably all do agree with my point you just don’t like how I expressed it.

Maximalists shouldn’t be dunking on DeFi (siding with the state) for having been sanctioned, because BTC devs too can just as easily be arrested for their open source code.

Mr. Whale Street, a random shitcoiner

If you think that maximalists are siding with the state, you are literally retarded, and I’m not even sorry for saying that. It’s a harsh truth that you better learn now than later.

For years now bitcoiners have been trying to warn you guys that (a) decentralization is actually important (b) good opsec is paramount (c) the whole point is the separation of money and state, nothing else.

This is not a game, as is hopefully becoming more evident by the day. It’s not all unicorns and happy paths, it’s fucking velociraptors that will maul you to death at the first chance they get.

What happened to the TC dev is absolutely disgusting, and no bitcoiner I know is cheering for it. To the contrary, many high-profile bitcoiners have spoken out about the insanity of the legal precedent it sets.

Either code is speech or it isn’t. Either free speech means something or it doesn’t. Either peaceful civilians are allowed to send messages to each other or not. If not, the authoritarians show their cards clearly, and so be it.

The whole fucking point of bitcoin is that WHAT AUTHORITARIANS THINK DOES NOT MATTER, it is resilient from the ground up, censorship-resistant from first principles.

This is why it is important that people can run full nodes, cheaply. This is why open-source and self-sovereign tools are essential. This is why decentralization actually matters. This is why PoW is used.

Maximalists should absolutely be dunking on DeFi, because DeFi is CeFi and CeFi can be killed easily. When it comes to the separation of money and state, ONLY THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE.

You guys have been building literal Ponzi schemes and house of cards on quicksand, as the recent “yield” disaster has clearly shown. You are, mostly, still playing games and acting as if everyone will play nice always in perpetuity, like the ignorant and naive fools you are.

It’s all tradeoffs, always, all the way down. Yes, currently, most bitcoin devs are known. Some aren’t, however, and as state-attacks increase people will be more nym going forward, hopefully. Also, bitcoin doesn’t depend on devs.

Bitcoin is getting more resilient over time, because the people that are working on it actually understand what is at stake, how sophisticated attacks could look like, and prepare for that. Shitcoins are becoming more efficient too, but only at separating fools from their money.

I dunk on “DeFi” because it is centralized dogshit that can be shut down with a blog post or a phone call. I dunk on shitcoiners because they will throw bitcoin (and bitcoiners) under the bus first chance they get, all while claiming “we’re in this together!”

No, we are not in this together. The bitcoiners I care about do not care about yield or fiat gains. They care about fixing the money, which means separating the money from the state, or anyone else for that matter.

What I see in shitcoin land is the opposite of that. Everyone can print money, words don’t matter (dEcEnTRaLiZeD), “principals” are worthless, and somehow, even though everything competes for liquidity, “we are not competing with bitcoin” (until we are).

Don’t mistake my hate for shitcoins as “Schadenfreude,” because that’s not it. The state will come for all of us, low-hanging fruits first. Bitcoiners always knew this. You are the guy who just had a corpse land on his windshield, waking up to what is happening.

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