Cryptography is Not Enough

Background Images

Images used in ACT 3 of Cryptography is Not Enough. Generated with Midjourney.

photorealistic rendering of a single orange hanging on a tree :: suspended in the center of the screen, blurry background :: highly symmetrical, hyperreal, closeup, 8k --ar 16:9

an epic, giant orange tree on a hill by john martin --ar 16:9

DNA made of roots --ar 16:9

photorealistic portrait of a grinning banker :: not trustworthy :: sly smile --ar 16:9 --upbeta

caricature of vitalik buterin --ar 16:9

the parliament by john martin --ar 16:9

Portrait of Thomas Hobbes (not generated).

Erik Cason’s face on Thomas Hobbes’ portrait (not generated).

photorealistic padlock --ar 16:9

the great rug --ar 16:9

bodybuilder by john martin --ar 16:9

One luminary clock against the sky Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right :: robert frost --ar 16:9

a single yin-yang symbol made of oranges :: photorealistic, 8k, unreal engine --ar 16:9 --uplight

the giant brain by john martin --ar 16:9

Unused Images

Images that I generated and liked somewhat, but didn’t make the cut:

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