Learn to Code

You reached out to me and asked me where to start.

The answer, as always, depends. Why do you want to learn to code? What do you want to build? To you think it is interesting in its own right, or do you want to earn loads of money?

First of all: programming is hard. It’s fun, but it is very, very hard. Proper programming, i.e. proper software engineering is even harder.

That being said: if you want to get into it, just start. There are many online resources that are free. Google is your friend, as is any other search engine. StackOverflow too.

I wrote this a while ago for a friend, it might be helpful for you too.

Good luck.

P.S: You don’t need a fancy degree, even though learning proper computer science helps. I would argue that open-source contributions and a healthy GitHub profile are more important than any degree.


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