Gigi's Bio

Gigi is the author of 21 Lessons, a popular book about lessons learned from falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. His current work-in-progress book, 21 Ways, tries to illuminate Bitcoin from multiple angles, using metaphors from biology, physics, engineering, and other disciplines. He is the creator and maintainer of, a comprehensive list of curated books, articles, podcasts, and other resources that help to provide a multi-faceted understanding of Bitcoin. In 2019 he launched the German-speaking Bitcoin podcast "Einundzwanzig" with one of his co-hosts which turned into a community movement that now spans multiple countries. He is passionate about privacy, human rights, and freedom technology. As the head of strategy and operations at OpenSats, he spends most of his day thinking about how to best support the development of free and open-source software as we transition towards an increasingly bitcoinized world.

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