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Hesitancy tells you something. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but it is something. If there wouldn’t be something there would be no hesitancy, all there would be is “fuck yes,” followed by immediate action.

Sometimes—at the best of times—immediate action is all there is. That’s what surfers are after. That’s what everyone is after, really. Being on top of the wave, propelled by forces beyond you, without having to think about it. Some call it flow, which is by definition the lack of hesitancy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against deep thought and contemplation. Contemplating things is desired and necessary, it is what sets us apart. But contemplation is not all there is. There’s also gut feeling, excitement, the fact that sometimes you know that you have to do a thing, even though all rational thought speaks against it. And sometimes the most rational of decisions doesn’t feel right, and you don’t know why. But you know it. You feel it.

That’s hesitancy.

Contemplating ghosts of distant pasts.


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