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Finishing things is hard. Starting things is easier. Not easy, mind you. But easier.

I’ve read Start Ugly a while ago, or at least I’ve started to read it. Some things stuck with me. I’m now erring on the side of action, for one thing. I’m not sure if that’s always good, however. Action can be burdensome, too, especially if it leads to a heap of things unfinished.

“Happiness is shipping.”

There’s a lot of wisdom in that phrase. Happiness is shipping because shipping is finishing things, and finishing things is clearing the board and clearing the mind. A cluttered mind is hell. At least for me, at least sometimes.

I’m not sure what the right balance between starting things and finishing things should be since there is wisdom in letting go too. But I probably should get better at shipping things, which means I should get better at finishing.


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