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People are the most wonderful thing. Full of potential, full of joy, full of wonder. Whenever I see people, I see dancers, artists, musicians, builders, gardeners, plumbers, and poets. Unique human beings, with hearts and souls, and mothers and fathers, and wishes and dreams.

Every time I meet new people, I am amazed by their stories. I am fascinated by their past as well as by their potential future. They will share all of this with you, right here, in the present, as long as you are present with them.

I judge people by what they might be, — not are, nor will be.

Robert Browning

We must not forget that most people are good. They have to be; otherwise, the world we live in would not be possible. We would have constant war, and death, and deception, and suffering, and worse. But we don’t. The world is alright because the people are alright. We must not forget that this is true, so I will repeat it once more for emphasis: most people are good people.


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